¿Más redes sociales? ¡Venga! Flickr tiene algo de especial: viene de manos de Ludicorp, lo que al menos garantiza unos interfaces y una UX a los que estarás horas adorando. Si tiene alguna utilidad más allá de la estética, el tiempo lo dirá.

De la página de Acerca de:

The idea for Flickr occurred in November 2003 when one of Ludicorp’s team members was on a business trip to New York and contracted a miserable case of food poisoning. Up all night, feverish and unable to sleep, he had a brainstorm: what if we put live chat together with social networks and enabled people to share media with one another in real time? He brought the idea back to the Ludicorp team in Vancouver, British Columbia where they mulled it over.

On December 8 they kicked off development. They took some time off for the holidays, but being a small and nimble team they were able to put it all together for a soft launch on February 10, with the announcement taking place at O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference.

Vía Sippey.